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You will be able to borrow more than three and a half times your joint earnings, which is what most people who buy on their own are allowed. Lenders will tend to let you have up to two and three-quarters joint income if you are buying with a friend or sibling. All relationships can break down and people can fall out, says Mark Harris, a director at mortgage broker Savills Private Finance, though if you are buying with a partner, you have to assume you will stay together and could get a fixed-rate loan.Link Building Services

But if you are buying with a sibling or friend and you both hope to have partners in the future, there are lots of reasons to get a fairly flexible loan. You also have the advantage of knowing the person you will be sharing with; if you buy a two-bed property on your own and let the spare room, you may end up with a lodger you don’t like. You need to think about how you are going to go about selling the property because one of you might not wish to liquidate the asset.

With the first, if one of you dies, the deceased’s share passes directly to the other tenant. That way, when the property is sold, each of you gets your deposit back before the proceeds are split. The mortgage will be on a joint basis, so the lender will always be able to chase one of you or both of you. professional seo services So if your mate decides he is going to travel the world and leaves you stuck with the mortgage, the lender will chase you for the full amount.

And if there is any default on the loan, this could affect your credit rating going forward. Mr Harris says this will enable you to make sure it is actually getting paid and that both of you have control over it. The trouble is that the problems created by buying with just one friend or sibling will be exacerbated. The days are over when househunting meant sitting in an estate agent’s office for two hours only to emerge with a wadge of material that barely meets your requirements. by which time all the other agents in the street have closed for the day. The internet has removed the constraints of time and distance from househunting and , its greatest strength, given the buyer the opportunity to select from a pool of properties.