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Walk up the narrow woodland path, crossing a wider track and a stream to reach a large yew tree where 148 uneven steps lead to the restored Hunting Tower, where the views, again, are outstanding. Follow the road around the tower and turn left at a crossroads, signposted Robin Hood. Before you reach the wall corner, the path bears left down to cross another high stile. It also was the day she met McGlocklin, whose daughter operates the mall and hired the teen. She said McGlocklin’s daughter, Nancy Johnson, left the store three times.

In Wales, sites identified as particularly at risk include Rhossili beach on the Gower peninsula, a three-mile stretch of sand popular with walkers and surfers. These sites join a list of places at risk around Britain, including Formby Sands in Lanca-shire and the bird habitat of Northey Island in Essex. According to the UK Climate Change Impacts Programme, set up in 1997 to help coastal communities adapt to rising sea levels, tidal highs around Britain’s coast are expected to rise by between 10 and 34 inches by 2080.

Working in conjunction with coastal management specialists from the Halcrow engineering group, the National Trust predicts that, if tidal surges and severe storms also increase to levels predicted by climatologists, the majority of its coastal properties will experience a sea-level rise of at least three feet by 2100. The threat to the Welsh coastline is a microcosm for the challenges facing the trust around Britain as a whole; the coastline under its charge is home to more than 500 archaeological and historic monuments deemed to be at risk in the next 100 years. In the short term, there are a number of practical measures we can take, explains Hannah Pitt, the National Trust’s policy officer and author of the latest report.